Learn How to Knit - 2/28

Learn How to Knit - 2/28

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ONE DATE FOR THIS CLASS - Your registration allows you to attend on:
  • Thursday, November 15th @ 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Adults and children welcome.

Beginner Class: 2 hours duration. 
Class Cost: $35.00 per student. This includes materials and knitting needles. Materials are provided to the student and are yours to keep.

Students welcome to enroll on the day.

You will learn the 4 basics of knitting:
  1. Knit stitch
  2. Pearl stitch
  3. Casting on
  4. Casting off
You will be PROVIDED with knitting needles and yarn that are yours to keep and take home.
Learn how to knit and start a wonderful project!