Dress Designing: 1950s-Inspired Cherry Fashion

Fashion is an expression of our own personal uniqueness. It is shown through our choice of style, color, cut, and the composition of what we choose to wear.

We all love to express ourselves. The fashion we may choose can be influenced by the activity at hand, weather, the people we surround ourselves with, hobbies and sports, comfort, self-concept, our mood, ones body shape, current trends, and our personality.

1950s Cherry DressI wanted to embrace a fresh beautiful unique look that would highlight ones individuality and personality. Therefore a 1950s-inspired line is famine and able to adapt to any ladies unique style.

With perfectly cut lines and brilliant colors that accentuates any female form. The basic styles of the wiggle dress and the fit and flare will embrace every modern women's figure. 

I have started with this fitted wiggle dress.

Lines: Lines are cut giving a sense elegance and grace.

Fabric: Cotton polyester blend. This allows for a closer fit and adequate moment, comfort and stability while doing any activity. Its soft, breathable, strong, thick, flexible and durable. Cotton is a natural fabric, but the polyester blend allows for the stretch although it is man made.

Numerous prints and colors are available and the fabric resists wrinkles and shrinkage. These vibrate prints and bold colors are strong in color; giving them a fullness of beauty and life.

Print choice: Black with red cherries.

Black is a solid color that compliments any figure. It's strong and classy, with a sense of style and elegance.

Cherries are vibrant, bold, cute and very feminine. Representing a sense of fun, freedom, fragility, a freshness of warm and sunshine, and beauty.

Shape: The cut diverts attention from problem areas while highlighting feminine features.

V neckline: This feminine line is cut allowing a female to enhance and create a perfect bust line. 

Fitted: The fit accentuates the desired female form. Emphasizing a women's curves while sliming over other areas. Giving an hourglass illusion.

Sleeve cap: Covering the shoulders and upper arms. To give illusion of smaller shoulders or arms and to taper in any triceps or upper back problem areas. Giving a more slick line in your form while minimizing lumps and bumps.

Length: Below the knee and fitted. This accentuates the female hourglass form, while elongating the body. Creating the perfect curves and high.

Black belt: Tapers in the waist line. This is due to being black in color; thus minimizing the area. This black belt also draws your eye to the mid point of the waist belt, due to diamond style cut feature and the central lace-up front.